Our Process


Before we start testing, we will discuss the best package testing methods to fit your product’s needs. Whether you are packaging hazardous materials or need temperature validation, we can work with you to guarantee your package meets the necessary standards and requirements

Performance, Validation, Integrity

We take a truly collaborative approach with our customers, going beyond simply writing a report. We work with you to understand the regulations and purpose of your tests. Once tests are performed, our staff analyzes the results and works to develop a packaging solution. Our experts are available to help answer any questions throughout the process regarding timeline, regulations, and/or costs. We take pride in our efficient and timely process to help you solve your problems quickly. This approach has allowed us to establish excellent relationships with clients from a variety of different industries.

The Gold Standard in Reports

Our reports are professional, precise and easy to understand.  More importantly, they have been reviewed by DOT, FAA, FDA and other agencies to confirm the authenticity of our customers packages.  Whether they are shipping a hazardous material or a valuable medical product, the regulators can verify that the packages were tested to established protocols in a respected, authorized laboratory that ensures it was done right. And we securely maintain these reports for our customers should they need them again in the future.

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