HighQ Testing Services

 HighQ Testing provides package testing, temperature validation and consultation services to ensure product integrity at every stage of your supply chain. Our laboratory can certify packages to meet standards and guarantee safe shipping across all environments.

Hazmat Package Testing

When transporting hazardous materials, packaging must be tested and certified to ensure it is strong enough to protect the contents from damage while still allowing for the safe handling of the package by shippers and delivery personnel. HighQ Testing verifies package strength and integrity using various techniques, including drop tests, vibration tests, and pressure simulation.

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Temperature Validation

The food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and clinical trial industries rely on package temperature validation to protect and maintain product integrity throughout the shipping process. Our temperature mapping technology can simulate various temperatures, humidity levels, and extreme weather.

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Consultation Services

Regardless of your product or industry, our experts can discuss safer methods to package your shipment. We can steer you towards techniques or products that get you to a final compliant package. Whether you want to discuss your testing needs of existing packaging or have a new product and don’t know where to start, we are here to help.