Package Temperature Validation Services

HighQ Testing is a leader in package temperature validation services. Our involvement with leading package manufacturers, shipping companies, and laboratories in the clinical trial and pharmaceutical industries has made HighQ Testing a recognized authority in the area of package validation.

Why Temperature Validation is Necessary

If you ship sensitive products like baby formula, vaccines, or frozen foods, you need temperature validation testing to verify that your products maintain temperature en route. Temperature validation is crucial for pharmaceuticals and vaccines. If medicines become too warm or too cold, they could become ineffective. We’ll ensure that the temperature of your product is recorded accurately so it maintains integrity in transit.

Types of Temperature Validation Tests

Our state-of-the-art environmental chamber and recording technology enables us to provide our clients with accurate and thorough temperature mapping. We can simulate any shipping profile, whether it is one you developed, an extreme weather environment, or an industry standard. The chamber can expose packages to heat, cold, and humidity for a variety of durations. Our temperature tests include:

  • Summer and Winter Temperature Profiles
  • Dry Ice Sublimation and Duration
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • 2°C – 8°C Refrigerated
  • Reusability/Viability/Product Stability

Temperature Validation Reports

At HighQ, we go beyond testing and certifying your packages. With every test, you will receive a comprehensive, easy-to-read report. Our custom reports provide complete test data and analysis. We provide the latest regulatory information on FDA requirements, and we have years of experience in providing test reports to companies seeking fast product development.

Many clinical trials and standard packages have been validated in HighQ’s environmental chambers. Our Staff has the experience to work with clients to develop test protocols and guide clients toward proven solutions.

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